Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm constantly amazed by my readers

My readers are the best!!! 

I am constantly amazed by my readers...whether it's a review, which means the world to me, or pictures, or trailers...I'm awed!

It is hard to believe that the imaginary people in my head mean so much to others that they want to create for them and for me! I want each and one of you to know...I LOVE it!!! Thank you!!! 



  1. I'm an avid reader and am recently coming out of a reading dry spell. So far, I've only read Consequences but your books have peaked my interest (this hasn't happened in quite some time)! Thank you for sharing these amazing stories with us fans! See ya at the Chicago Author Event in May :-)

  2. Altheatha, I just loved these 3 books. I can't stop thinking about them. Great read! I usually read lots of books and go on to the next. These books have my mind working overtime! Will this story continue? I know you said Claire and Tony's story is ended. Does it have to be???? What about Patricia - is she sending the little presents? Keep writing! Enjoy your work.