Friday, April 27, 2018

SECRET release is LIVE!

A SECRET surprise novella is LIVE!

A SECRET ONE is a fun, swoon-worthy taste about Shana and Trevor's first meeting! AND it's FREE EVERYWHERE!

Whether you've tried my "lighter side" and loved it or haven't given it a chance, download A SECRET ONE today and find out how the sparks from one night can lead to eternal flames!

A SECRET ONE is a FREE novella that occurs at the end of *PLUS ONE and before ANOTHER ONE.

*PLUS ONE and ANOTHER ONE are complete stand-alone novels and do not need to be read to enjoy A SECRET ONE.

*PLUS ONE made a splash as one of the top 2017 summer reads...funny, sexy, and just oh so refreshing. FOR THE FIRST TIME ever... PLUS ONE is on sale for $0.99...

Do not miss this chance to enjoy... PLUS ONE and A SECRET ONE for ONLY $0.99! (99c + FREE = 2 fun stories waiting for you!)

A SECRET ONE (FREE everywhere)

ANOTHER ONE: Shana and Trevor's story coming May 15
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Today I'm excited to welcome 7 more titles as well as new authors into my Kindle World, The Fidelity World...a world based upon my INFIDELITY SERIES!

(My series is complete: Betrayal, Cunning, Deception, Entrapment, Fidelity, and Respect - for more info including book one, Betrayal FREE check out my website )

The Kindle World - THE FIDELITY WORLD now has 32 different stories written by talented authors! These stories are all connected t MY series, but not to one another and may be read in any order!

Come party with us today, April 24, 2018 beginning at NOON, in The Fidelity World Facebook group to learn more! If you miss the party...please join us to learn more about the new authors and titles in our Kindle World.

Here are the new stories and their links. Kindle World stories are published through Amazon publishing and only available on Kindle, which can be accessed by an ap on any device. The Fidelity World stories are also on Kindle if you have KU, you can read them for FREE!

The newest Fidelity World books are LIVE!

Invictus by Kylie Hillman, Author
*Link coming soon*

As I said, this isn't all...there are 25 OTHER stories. Check them all out on my website

Thursday, April 12, 2018

ANOTHER ONE ... Cover Reveal

Your next big SUMMER read is here!

Are you ready to heat things up? 

Oh, my goodness! I'm so in love with this new cover and I have to do a shout out to Regina Wamba for the amazing photography as well as Letitia Hasser for the beautiful design!

ANOTHER ONE is your next big summer read! Whether you're ready to laugh out loud and swoon at the beach, pool, in the tub, or on your commute to work... Trevor and Shana are ready!

Coming May 15... it's time to fall in love with ANOTHER ONE!


Get ready to laugh out loud, swoon, and fall in love with this new, fun, and sexy stand-alone novel from New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig. Demonstrating her versatility in writing, Aleatha revisits her lighter side that you loved in PLUS ONE.

A complete stand-alone, ANOTHER ONE is the next big summer hit.


Trevor Willis is sexy, sweet, and oh so fun. He’s also my best friend’s brother-in-law. That should mean he’s off-limits, or that I should be off-limits to him.

Someone probably should have told us that before my best friend married his brother, before the morning of the wedding when we woke in each other’s arms with gaping holes in my memory.

They didn’t.

We did.

The hilarious truth behind our crazy, secret adventure secured this handsome, off-limits man in my heart. But alas, life goes on. After our one secret night, we went back to our lives—our hardworking, solitary lives.

And then it happened.

My phone began to buzz. Each night with thousands of miles between us, we laughed, talked, and shared. And then, the phone stopped ringing.

Before it did, I knew one thing...

Our secret one had bloomed and blossomed, and now that our circumstances have changed I want another one!


Shana Price is that one woman. You know, the one who suddenly makes the world more than a place to work, but also a place to live. Usually shy and awkward, in her presence I want to be more—I am more. I don’t even have to try.

She’s my one. I knew it the moment I first met her. What followed simply confirmed it.

The problem is the little hassle of the thousands of miles between us.

I tried to make it work, but each phone call made it harder. (Yes, that is a pun) I couldn’t take it any more—and she became the one who got away.

Now, everything has changed.

Shana is back in the United States—all I have to do is make her see that her job isn’t the only reason to stay.

That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

From a secret one to another one!

Try Aleatha’s lighter side for a guaranteed smile—the perfect getaway.

Have you been Aleatha’d?

Aleatha's "Lighter Ones" are all stand alone lighter romances guaranteed to make you smile, possibly shed a tear, and definitely enjoy the ride! They may be read in any order.

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