Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Season of Love

Happy Valentine's Day...

Tis the season for love!

I don't know about you, but I've always thought that Valentine's Day was slightly overrated. Perhaps it's because I married my high school sweetheart and if I were to be honest, I've NEVER been blown away by romance on February 14th. BUT...don't send Jeff hateful messages. We've experienced incredibly romantic moments throughout our lives...I just prefer spontaneous verses manufactured.

Truly, when there is one day set aside for all things LOVE there is A LOT of pressure!

As a writer, I've learned to try to see things from ALL perspectives, not just mine, or the female character...

Think about it...what would you like for your "ultimate" Valentine's Day gift?

A card?
Dinner and a movie?
Dinner and a quiet evening at home?

There are many scenarios to chose from and we expect that our significant other will know EXACTLY the one we want...

And what if you don't have a "significant other"? What does that say about Valentine's Day???

Instead of lamenting our less than stellar celebrations or our lack of that someone special, I suggest getting lost in a book or perhaps a movie...(I think there's one coming out on February 12th that may put people in the mood for love).

Instead of all the pressure to make February 14th the day about love, I'd like to enjoy those moments when they come. A walk along the beach, hand in hand. Watching our children all together enjoying one another. Quiet times reading before bed. Watching TV or a movie and being content...Times spent laughing with friends until I cry.

Love isn't always about romance, love is the feeling you get that makes your body tingle knowing that you're accepted and valued. Whether that is with friends, a significant other, your children, your pets, or even by yourself with your favorite fictional characters...embrace it! own it!

And when you do...Valentine's Day can be EVERY is more than one day!

To all of you...happy perpetual love day!!