Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new website! We've been working for a while to get everything you want to know about me and my writing in one place.  

We have my list of events with dates... check it out and PLEASE make plans to come see me!

We have a list of all the WONDERFUL blogs who have taken the time to read Consequences and Truth... feel free to check out their reviews and interviews! Please show these bloggers some love for all the love they've shared.

There is a Consequences / Truth playlist! This has been compiled by readers' recommendations! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

My amazing fans have even compiled pictures, collages, and trailers for my books! What can I say? They are the best readers around!

We also have other ways for you to contact me... Facebook  Twitter, email... I'd love to have you "Like", "Follow" or even drop me a note.  

Under the "Book Club" section, we have discussion questions which you may copy/ paste and use for your book clubs.  Also, I LOVE attending book clubs if geographically possible.  If not, I've visited a few on Skype   So if you think that sounds like fun, please drop me a line and we'll try to work out the details.  Unfortunately I'm not able to make it to all requests.  But I will try!

Of course there are links to buy my books... and for that I'm eternally grateful.  

As I work on CONVICTED, the third in the Consequences Series, I'm continually amazed by the positive responses I receive constantly for my stories.  It seems that on some level most people are truly affected by Tony and Claire and the wonderful list of supporting characters. Some of you may love them, others may hate them... but few walk away from these books without some kind of emotion! I love to hear from you.  

Thank you for accompanying me on this new amazing journey.  Please stay close... Convicted is coming!  

Thank you all!