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Below please find Book Club discussion questions for Consequences, Truth, and Convicted. 

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Book Club Discussion Questions for CONSEQUENCES by Aleatha Romig
1.      Consider Claire and Tony as characters.  What were your initial thoughts and feelings about them?  When (if ever) did those feeling change?

2.      What do you believe Claire should have done differently when she was first kidnapped?  How does Anthony use “Operant Conditioning” to alter Claire’s way of thinking?  When do you believe Claire changed from “victim of abuse” to “victim of Stockholm Syndrome”?

3.      How does Claire’s “compartmentalization” save/ hurt her?

4.      What do you believe was Anthony’s motivation at the beginning of our story? Why would a man of his wealth, looks and status jeopardize everything to kidnap a woman like Claire? What theories did you have in the beginning?  When did you change your mind? Did the backstories help you see the truth?

5.      Although Claire was completely isolated within Anthony’s estate for many months, his employees were present and saw her predicament.  What were your feelings regarding their acceptance of Claire’s forced imprisonment and obvious duties?

6.      Claire’s unconsciousness showed the readers much about Claire’s past. What did her “visions” tell you?

7.      Was Claire’s acceptance of Tony’s marriage proposal due to love or victimization? Why? What clues did the author give you to support your answer?

8.      Do you believe Tony would have released Claire from her “debt”, if she’d accepted that option at his proposal?

9.      Why did the author provide the Vanity Fair article in its entirety? What was Ms. Romig showing the readers?

10.  While Claire and Tony’s life was “positive” and they’re in Europe, did you find yourself telling Claire to “follow the rules”? What were your emotions as she rushed back to the hotel in Italy, knowing she’s late?  How did it make you feel, wanting her to “tow the line”? 

11.  A skillful romantic thriller writer knows which details to reveal and when to reveal them.  How much do you know... and when do you know it?  In other words, how good was Ms. Romig at burying her clues in plain sight?  Now that you know the end of this book, go back and find the clues she left for you.

12.  Each chapter is preceded by quotations. Did you read the quotations, and what did they tell you about the chapter?

13.  When Claire notices the open key cabinet and decides to drive away... what did you anticipate would happen? Were you correct?

14.  Anthony offers Claire an “out” to jail. Did you agree with her decision to refuse his offer? Why?

15.  As Marcus Evergreen displays his evidence of Claire’s privileged life with Anthony Rawlings, how do you think she felt? What emotions did you feel?

16.  The “box” explains so much.  Why do you think the box was sent to Claire?

17.  Critics have said this book contains too much description.  Do you agree? Could you visualize the scenes in CONSEQUENCES? At the end, did those vivid scenes come back, with a new understanding of why they were all there?

18.  In chapter one Claire made a vow to herself.  It began:  I am not sure how or when. But I will ...  Did Claire accomplish her goal?

19.  Movie time:  Who would you like to see play what part?


Book Club Discussion Questions for TRUTH by Aleatha Romig

1.      Based on the first book of the series, what were your preconceived thoughts of Claire and Tony?  What did you anticipate would happen between them in book 2?  Who did you believe Sophia Burke was? What did you anticipate her role would be in Truth?

2.      Who was your first thought regarding Claire’s “angel”? Who did you believe was the sender of the check and partially completed pardon? 

3.      The author uses the prologue and Governor Bosley’s motive for approving Claire’s pardon as an example of what?

4.      When you first learned who sent the private plane, did you know / remember Amber McCoy? Did you also feel Claire’s terror, thinking a “private plane” could have been sent by Tony?

5.      Part of Tony’s strength in Consequences was his ability to isolate Claire.  How important are the characters of Amber, Harry, Brent, Courtney, John and Emily to the person Claire is in Truth?

6.      How would you describe your reaction when Claire answered her phone and unexpectedly heard, the husky, deep, baritone voice saying, “Good evening, Claire.”

7.      At what point did you realize Sophia was not a Burke, but Derek was? As their storyline progressed what did you anticipate their fate?

8.      Ms. Romig gives much more insight into Nathaniel Rawls as a private man. How did his relationship with Marie help to create the woman she became?  By “giving” Marie the deed to her father’s closed business and arranging for her uncle to go to jail, what did he teach her about revenge?

9.      Many reviewers have commented about Claire’s “growth of a backbone”. Do you agree, she “grew” stronger in Truth? Or do you believe Claire “found her voice” in Truth, whereas in Consequences she used her strength to survive the only way she could?  It is true she had some quick retorts for Tony in Truth which she never would have said in Consequences.  What were your favorite Claire quotes?

10.  When Tony visits Claire in Amber’s condominium and Claire begins the conversation by saying, “I know you like coffee, I’d offer you some.  But the last time that didn’t work out so well for me.” What did you think? That same visit concludes with the “dream scene”.  Why do you believe Claire “compartmentalized” the sex away as a dream?

11.  The Gala was the turning point in Truth. Claire was in the process of working with Meredith to expose her past with Tony, so why would she agree to be his companion at the Gala.  What one of his rules from their past did Tony use to convince her she had no alternative?

12.  Harry tells Claire she “gives Tony too much credit” regarding his ability to manipulate things; ie, problems at SiJo, possible car accidents, etc.  Do you agree with Claire or Harry?

13.  Why did Claire trust Catherine so completely?  Did Catherine fully admit to sending the box to the prison? Do you think it was her? Why did she do it? How do you think the conversation between Tony and Catherine went, after Tony learned about the box which exposed his past?

14.  Did you see the symptoms of Claire’s pregnancy? How would you react to such news if you were Claire?  Do you believe Tony’s reaction was realistic? What did you think of Catherine’s reaction?

15.  When Claire wakes in the hospital she realizes with her entire family present and available, she wants Tony.  Considering the possibility of Stockholm syndrome in Consequences, was this a new revelation?  Regardless if you are “Team Tony” or “Team Harry”, what were your thoughts when the doctor tells Claire Harry already knows about the baby?

16.  Who, besides Tony, always had the ability to manipulate and control Claire? During the scene at the estate, in Tony’s office, when he is yelling at Eric, Catherine and Clay, Claire declares her independence.  How is Tony’s desk symbolic in this scene? How does Tony respond? What does this tell Catherine?

17.  Why would Claire believe Catherine’s story about revenge?  What piece of evidence did Catherine produce to persuade Claire to leave? 

18.  Phil’s attraction to Claire resulted in him to “opening up” in Geneva about Ms. London’s plans.  Up until that point, did you suspect Catherine as the sender of “gifts”? How did the untimely death of Patrick Chester influence Catherine’s vendetta?  How did the scene with Catherine in the “Afterward” help to illustrate her ultimate goal?

19.  When did you as a reader realize Sophia was Catherine’s daughter? Why did Tony go to Provincetown? What was he going to say to Sophia?

20.  Many readers have found solace knowing that Claire is happy in the "Afterward". Who are the possibilities for her "husband"? Which man do you believe is with her?


Book Club Questions for CONVICTED 
by Aleatha Romig:

Feel free to download and use with Book Clubs and Book Discussion sessions:
1.       Chapter 1...what were your thoughts?
a)      did you have any idea how or why Claire was in this state?
b)      what about Nichol? why did you believe she was being raised by Emily?
c)       Meredith- what were your gut instincts telling you about her true intentions.

2.       Back to 2013 and the end of Truth. As Claire and Phil work to disappear, how are you feeling about Phil? Do you trust him? What about Claire, do you believe she is trying to make good decisions or is she continuing to be impulsive?

3.       During the scenes with Tony and Brent and the FBI, how do you feel reading Tony’s memories of Claire’s abduction? Can you sense how Tony feels about his previous behavior? What about Brent and Tony’s friendship—do you sense the evolution of it from how they were in Consequences?

4.       Harry—did you suspect any alternative motives during Truth? Did his true profession surprise you?
5.       How would you react to Harry’s confession if you were Claire?

6.       What did you think about what Claire left for Tony in the safety deposit box? Where you expecting Tony’s reaction?

7.       When Phil told Claire that he needed to leave the island because he had a job, did you question his loyalty?

8.       Did Tony’s monogamy since Claire and him wed the first time surprise you?

9.       What could have happened between Claire and Phil, had he not gone to get Tony? Do you believe Phil truly loves Claire?

10.   How did you feel when Madeline advises Claire about the uncertainty of darkness?

11.   Most readers of this series are women who tend to sympathize with Claire; however, can you see how “trust” would also be difficult for Tony? What has Claire done to him over the years to make his trust in her waver?

12.   How did their wedding in 2013 vary from the wedding in 2010? (emotionally)

13.   Would you have reacted differently to Tony’s confessions? How would you feel to learn you had been watched for over ten years?

14.   What was the most surprising thing that Harry uncovered in his research?

15.   Were you suspicious of Derek’s job offer to move to “Corporate” in Iowa?

16.   Although you had glimpses into the future and knew Nichol and Claire survived, did Nichol’s birth concern you for their safety? 
How did you feel about Tony’s naming of their daughter?

17.   Why was Emily, in 2016, so adamant about Claire’s care? Do you believe she had Claire’s best interest at heart?

18.   As 2014 and 2016 collide and the reason for Claire’s mental break becomes evident, do you feel Aleatha was able to make you feel her remorse and agony over what she had done? Did you believe it to be true?

19.   Discuss Catherine’s confessions and plot to frame Tony. Did you see any hints of her true personality in Consequences? What?

20.   This book explores relationships and redemption. Some of the following relationships change dramatically from our first encounters while others solidify. Discuss these relationships and the paths they have encountered:
a)      Tony and Claire
b)      Tony and Brent
c)       Claire and Meredith
d)      Claire and Emily
e)      Amber / Harry and Claire
f)       Phil and Claire/Tony
g)      Eric and Tony
h)      Courtney and Tony/Claire
i)        Catherine and Tony/Claire/Sophia

21.   How did you feel when Tony entered Claire’s room at Everwood? Did you believe it was finally complete? What happened at the estate to devastate you and Claire? Why did Tony propose that?

22.   Do you sympathize with Emily at all regarding her concern for Nichol’s well-being? What about John—how did you feel about the evolution of his character? Could you have forgiven Tony for the things he’d done?

23.   Reviewers differ on their opinions of Claire Nichols Rawlings. Some say she was weak others strong. How do you believe Aleatha intended for her to be? How do you feel she was? There has also been discussion regarding Tony's transformation. Realizing that it occurred over a 6 year period, was it believable? Can you still see his controlling nature, even with a more gentle personality? Give some examples.

24.   Why didn't Aleatha give more insight into the world from 2014 to 2016?

25.   “Don’t disappoint me, there will be consequences.” is the last line of Convicted. How did your reaction to that line vary from when you heard it repeatedly in Consequences?


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