Friday, December 27, 2013

Looking back on 2013

I'm not a big fan of "year in review" shows or articles...for some reason they make me sad...

I can NOT however enter 2014 without acknowledging 2013 for what it was and what it has meant to me.

It was the year that my life changed forever!

I can't believe that I just sent off my fourth book to my wonderful formatter and that it will be live in less than three weeks! I am floored and honored every time I see a list of authors or books and my name is among the ranks of authors I both admire and idolize. I am humbled when I go to a signing and I look up and see a line of people waiting to see -- ME? I am honored when I receive messages from readers who are touched by the words in my books, when they tell me stories of their life struggles and how Tony and Claire have helped them.

To be honest, I feel like I'm living someone else's life...I feel like this can't be real. I mean, how did this happen to me?

Consequences was released in August of 2011. During its first year of publication, it sold 536 copies! That is NOT the building block for a Trilogy...much less one that will hit both the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling lists.

Truth was released in October of 2012. With that, my world began to change.

Whether you were one of the first 536 readers (and if you were, I'm pretty sure my mom told you to read) or if you found me in late 2012 or into 2013...I can't express in words my gratitude for your devotion.

The wonderful world of book blogs...mostly Romance Book Blogs...found me. With that changed my life. I'll never forget a "live chat" with Debra from the Book Enthusiast where I was asked if I would be in Boston for a signing. I didn't know anything about book signings and I had not been invited. My husband and I decided to just "go" and "see".

That decision was MONUMENTAL!

Readers learned that I planned to attend the signing and Trish Brinkley, signing planner extraordinaire, helped me to arrange a separate signing. It was my first author event and with that 2013 took me to a dozen different venues!

Thank you Boston, Massachusetts - Bradenton, Florida - Columbus, Ohio - Orlando, Florida - Atlanta, Georgia - San Francisco, California - Las Vegas, Nevada - Phoenix, Arizona - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Toronto, Canada - New Haven, Connecticut - and Richmond, Virginia! You were all amazing!!!

During 2013 I became PAN "Published Author Network" in RWA. Consequences and Truth both reached bestseller status on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo...and the achievement that made me breakdown in tears at a local restaurant, Convicted hit New York Times bestseller.

As I closed one chapter on my life, working as a dental hygienist, I was warmed by the reception I received entering the world of a full-time author. The friendships that have developed with other authors and with readers and bloggers have broadened my world beyond the confines of my new office in Greenwood, Indiana. I KNOW that I have friends ALL OVER who would be there for me, as I would be for them. The support, pictures, collages, and videos that have been made for me...the word of mouth recommendations...I hope you all know...I am so grateful!

I recently had someone say to me, "Aren't you glad you decided to write a book? I mean, it seems like such an easy gig. You write a book and smile nicely at people. Who wouldn't want your job?"

lol! Well, let me just say...despite common belief, it isn't quite that easy. That person forgot one VERY important element to the equation.  First you write a book and then...PEOPLE must READ it!

When I sum up my feelings toward the monumental milestones of 2013 I have to say, "THANK YOU FOR READING! THANK YOU FOR BUYING! THANK YOU FOR SHARING AND TELLING OTHERS!" One does not simply write a book and smile...writing takes long hours, sweat, and tears! There are many more of those than there are smiles. It also takes support.


I can only hope that 2014 continues this amazing journey! I can't wait to see what is in store!

To all my readers...HAPPY NEW YEAR! MAY YOUR 2014 BE EVERYTHING MY 2013 WAS AND MORE!!!!



Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Today is a big day--no--huge!!! Let me tell you why.


The entire CONSEQUENCES SERIES: CONSEQUENCES, TRUTH, AND CONVICTED went live today on audible!!! I've listened to the samples and let me tell you, it is AMAZING to hear MY words being spoken by this great narrator.

Here is the link for you to check it out!!!

The next amazing thing to make today beyond BIG is:



BEHIND HIS EYES – CONSEQUENCES is a reading companion, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig, recommended to be read after completing all of the CONSEQUENCES SERIES: Consequences, Truth, and Convicted. It is not a standalone book and should not be read as such. 

This companion was written to explore the thoughts and motivations of Anthony Rawlings, the man behind the consequences. It was not intended as a total rewrite of Consequences, but meant to enhance the reader’s understanding. BHE-Consequences contains significant scenes from the novel Consequences, as experienced from Anthony’s point of view. It also contains never before read, behind the scenes information, as well as, a glossary of the characters and a timeline devoted to the events within Consequences. 

BEHIND HIS EYES CONSEQUENCES is a dark journey into the mind of the man who believes that he controls everything and controls nothing. Because there is more to learn about the man who: 

Once upon a time, signed a napkin that he knew was a contract. As an esteemed businessman, he forgot one very important rule—he forgot to read the fine print. It wasn’t an acquisition to own another person as he’d previously assumed. It was an agreement to acquire a soul. 
—Aleatha Romig CONVICTED 

It was a long and painful acquisition—especially from Behind His Eyes! 





Are you ready for Behind His Eyes???

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Big...BIG...GIANT... Announcement coming!!!

I'm so excited!!! OMG!!!

The entire Consequences Series will be out on Audible in one week!!!! I've listened to the first 3 chapters and am totally AWED!  That amazing narrator is reading MY words!!!

Here is the link...please check out the first 3 chapters for free!!!

But, that isn't all! I'm doing my last read through of Behind His Eyes - Consequences and it will be going to my editor soon!!! I can't believe I'll really have another book coming out so soon! Wow!!!

Stay tuned because on December'll learn more....

are you ready???

Because that isn't all....more big news is coming!!!!  You MUST be ready!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Coming soon to AUDIBLE!!!

Do you want to read, but just don't have time?? I understand!! I have family and friends who have said, I would love to read your books, I just don't read. When are they coming out in audio???

The answer is SOON!!!!

The ENTIRE Series will be available on December 17, 2014!!! Whoo Hoo!! Just in time for Christmas!!!

In the meantime, you can listen to the first 3 chapters for FREE!! yes, for FREE!!!

Please, go check them out, then review them, on Amazon, and go ahead and pre-order for you, your friends, your family...and your shopping will be complete!!!

Thank you all!!! It's a truly surreal experience to "hear" my words come to life! I hope you'll join me in this amazing experience!!



If you haven't tried my Consequences Series...and you like audible...check out the first three chapters for FREE!!!!