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Claire's necklace, the one featured on the cover of all books in the CONSEQUENCES SERIES is exclusively available through HOOSIER JEWELRY, owned by Ron Condra, in Whiteland, Indiana.

You can order "Claire's Necklace" by calling Hoosier Jewelry. I recommend asking for "Tom", the devilishly handsome, dark haired jeweler who wants to be mentioned in my books (so this is close). Seriously, he worked with me for hours and days to create the necklace from my memory...the one that I describe in Consequences:

From Consequences/Chapter 8, by Aleatha Romig:

She took the box. “You have my curiosity peaked. What are you giving me that’s old?”

She opened the velvet hinged box. The lump in her throat made her choke, unable to speak. The dainty white gold chain with a pearl on a white gold cross hung on the satin. The surprise overwhelmed her. She only saw the necklace for a millisecond before her eyes filled with tears. She looked at Anthony again, tears trickling down her cheeks. “How did you? Where did you get this? It was my grandmother’s.”

Please call:

(317) 535-5500

Hoosier Jewelry
P.O. Box 272
1745 E. 500 N.
Whiteland, Indiana 46184

Orders can not be made over the internet, please call.

Disclaimer: I make no money from the sales of these necklaces; however, I do find joy in knowing that others want to own a part of my books. Aleatha


Also exclusively available through Hoosier Jewelry. Once again, Tom the designer, worked to create the earrings I described in Consequences:

She opened the box. Inside, she discovered a pair of pearl ratings. The cream colored pearls were almost identical in size and color to the one on her grandmother's necklace; however they were off set on white gold circles. They were pretty-but different.

Tony explained,"Your necklace is a cross, which is an X On is side. Now you're ratings are O's-X's and O's." He smiled. 
Consequences, chapter 15, Aleatha Romig.

To order call Hoosier Jewelry. Please refer above to the information. 

Once again, I do not make any profits from the sales of this jewelry. Giving out this information is my way of thanking Hoosier Jewelry for making my imagination come to life! 


  1. I love this necklace and was wondering of the cost??

  2. I'm not exactly sure of the price. It is silver. Call and they'll help you. They're very nice!

  3. Aleatha sua linda,eu amo seus livros e adoraria ter o colar da Clarie mas como estou no Brasil acho q fica difícil p mim obter um.Mas de qq forma te admiro VC e essa sua mente.Sempre q puder vou falar da sua obra pras pessoas.

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  5. during my marketing employment, i have been to many places in Indiana, and Hoosier Jewelry and Barrington jewels are the stores i had bought ring for my spouse and a wrist watch for myself resp from the two stores. not sure, if Hoosier has an offline store now. I must say, wonderful experience.