Monday, August 1, 2022

BLURRED LINES - Multi author series reveal


Step into the world of forbidden and taboo romances in the Blurred Lines multi-author series.
Join bestselling authors Saffron A Kent / Q.B. Tyler / Bella Di corte / Alexa Riley / Belle Aurora / Sam Mariano / Aleatha Romig / Trisha Wolfe / Ker Dukey / Jenika Snow / Penelope Black / Daniela Romero / Misty Walker / Lucia Franco / Bella J / Tia louise / Mila Crawford / Cassandra Robbins / Tracy Lorraine / KD Robichaux / Cora Kenborn / Jagger Cole as they bring you standalone books about unconventional love stories that push boundaries and blurs the lines of what is considered right and... wrong.
Immerse yourself in the dark side, where we aren't afraid to cross the line.
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