Thursday, April 7, 2016

DECEPTION, book 3 of Infidelity...coming in just...



Copyrighted and unedited material from Aleatha Romig's DECEPTION, book three of INFIDELITY.

From Chapter 2


I turned a small circle, taking in the apartment. I'd lived here for years and it'd been fine. I was comfortable and content. Now, without Charli, it seemed empty and too quiet. She'd been gone for less than an hour and I missed her...well, everything about her. I walked back to the bedroom to gather a few clothes.

Her damn vibrator was still on the bed. It was bad enough that someone had been in our apartment. I couldn't leave it there for Deloris or her team to dust. I lifted the purple silicone covered shaft. It was curved and smooth. My thoughts went to the delicious ways I could use it on Charli. I imagined her moans and screams as I pushed the buttons. There was a music option that would allow the device to respond to my voice. She should be in my bed—in our bed—and with words and this stupid toy should be taking her to new heights.

The room came into focus, but I wasn't seeing what was really there.

I was seeing what wasn't.

Charli's delicate hands were bound with an intricate winding of satin and secured above her head piled high with her beautiful hair as stray curls surrounded her face, the auburn wisps contrasting her flushed complexion. My chest heaved as her sexy body was displayed—each curve, each angle—for my optimum viewing pleasure. In my imagination she was nude, except for the black shoes she'd worn to Mobar, the same shoes that had adorned the dashboard of the Boxster. Her ankles were untethered, bound only by my instructions. Her legs were spread, slightly bent, with her knees out and the heels of her sexy shoes threatening to penetrate the soft Egyptian threaded sheets. As the humming vibrations rippled through the air, her body trembled in anticipation, and she stifled a whimper.

I loved the way she squirmed as she fought between maintaining the position I demanded and her body's natural reactions.

My lips quirked as I added a satin blindfold to my fantasy. It was something we'd never done, but then again, we'd never played with her vibrator either. Without sight, her senses would be heightened. The quiet hum would be louder, a roar in the otherwise silence of our room. My words would be amplified, sending shockwaves from her ears to her core that clenched with unmet need.

I'd tease her unmercifully giving her small tastes of what was to come...

"Lennox, I have my team on their way."

Deloris's voice from the living room pulled me from my fantasy as reality fell hard upon my shoulders. 

Are you ready to learn what happens in DECEPTION?

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  1. Arrgghh the count down cant move fast enough.

  2. Arrgghh the count down cant move fast enough.

  3. When will the book be available as a audiobook?

  4. Why isn't Entrapment available as a pre-order from Barnes & Noble? I have the first 3 on my Nook and look forward to downloading the next two?

    1. It isn't yet, but I promise it will be soon! Entrapment and Fidelity (the last two of the Infidelity series as well as all the ones before in this series) will be available on iBooks, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play!