Friday, November 21, 2014



I woke up in a panic this morning wondering if I'd renewed my dental hygiene license last March! Yes, over six months ago. I couldn't stay in bed. I had to go through my files and be sure it was still valid...good news, it is!

Bad news...what does that say about my thoughts and dreams. Being an author was and is my dream. I'm living it AND loving it!! That said, like anything else in life, the future is unclear. There are no guarantees.

As I'm sure you've read by other authors, the market is constantly changing. Our sales are fluctuating and what worked yesterday isn't today. Well, I believe that's life! It isn't a phenomenon exclusive to the world of publishing. It isn't something the we as authors are experiencing and bloggers and readers are is about change.

My dream is to change with it. I pray that in six months, a year, or six years, you will still recognize the name Aleatha Romig!

I pray that as I continue to write, you continue to read.

I also realize there are millions of GREAT authors and books. I know that I'm up against some stiff competition for placement on your Kindle, iPad, or bookshelf. That said, what gives me strength to continue my quest is that I'm not in competition with the other authors. I LOVE sharing the works of others. IMO no one reads one book. So, I promote friends as well as authors I don't know. If I like something, I'm hopeful my readers will to. AND I've been blessed with so many other authors who do the same. For that, I thank them! AND I thank each and everyone of you who has recommended my books to friends and family! This community has welcomed me and in turn I want to build it up!

I remember a patient telling me, when I was still practicing dental hygiene, that at her family Thanksgiving dinner, they were discussing Anthony Rawlings! I was shocked and thrilled.

While we all want to hit #1 NYT...what I love hearing is that my imaginary characters stay with you long enough to become a topic of discussion. we go into this very busy time of year, I ask you to remember to tell your family and friends to read my Consequences series:


and for a little more heat, my new Tales From the Darkside...first book (all in this series are standalones)...Insidious


If you'll do that for me, for you, I'll keep writing. I'll keep working to bring you more of the characters you love and love to hate and create new ones to fill your thoughts and dreams!

Thank you for all you've done for me and my family...readers, bloggers, and authors!

For now, all I can do is KEEP WRITING!!! Stay tuned for an announcement about some more Tony and Claire...and a new project that is in the works!!



  1. Dear Aleatha, you said: "What I love hearing is that my imaginary characters stay with you long enough to become a topic of discussion."...
    I think I can safely say, with deepest admiration for your power as a writer, that I hope the exact opposite in my life! (kind grinning face here) I am almost pathologically drawn to your characters. Heck, who am I kidding: to Anthony Rawlings, specifically. He stirred the whole gamut of emotions in me, as from the very first moment his multidimensionality was so evident and I never hated him for one minute, quite the opposite, which is frightening!
    I am almost persuaded into not finishing Truth, because I don't have the emotional strength for it :) Of course, I will finish it, I've bought all the electronic editions in less than a minute. I will finish it after a good night's sleep and a day off away from AR - just like an addict who returns to her addiction as soon as she gains some strength to fight.
    You are an amazing author, with a very sharp psychological understanding of how emotions are formed and develop between a man and a woman.

  2. I hope you can go on...Truth brings out a lot...and there's so much more in Convicted and Revealed!! And in January book #5 is coming out. For more Tony there are the Behind His Eyes companions for books #1 and much!!! Keep going!!!

  3. this is awesome post thanks