Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Because I've been working hard... and I wanted to share some of it with YOU!

MINI EXCERPT - CONVICTED (copyright Aleatha Romig 2013) 

With the open doors looking out to the crystal blue sea, their room was only slightly more private than the lanai. However, it was their room. Madeline and Francis respected their privacy. As Claire’s bathing suit fell to the floor, she realized they’d yet to speak. And still, they’d conversed more than some couples did in a lifetime. They’d greeted one another, discussed the pleasantries of the tropical morning, and assessed that each was doing well. 

Laying on the soft comforter with her arms above her head, the man she loved gazing down at only her, and the large ceiling fan methodically moving the humid air, Claire’s world was right. Had she planned on her morning taking this turn? No. Was she willing? Without a doubt.


  1. Can't wait for part 3.....without a doubt.....the first two books were outstanding. Thanks for the hours of entertainment your books have given me.

  2. Cannot wait for this book!

  3. Thank you for taking me on an exciting journey with Claire & Tony. I am so glad I recently read your first two so my wait for this next won't be long!

  4. Can't wait.. I love this series :D