Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Season of Love

Happy Valentine's Day...

Tis the season for love!

I don't know about you, but I've always thought that Valentine's Day was slightly overrated. Perhaps it's because I married my high school sweetheart and if I were to be honest, I've NEVER been blown away by romance on February 14th. BUT...don't send Jeff hateful messages. We've experienced incredibly romantic moments throughout our lives...I just prefer spontaneous verses manufactured.

Truly, when there is one day set aside for all things LOVE there is A LOT of pressure!

As a writer, I've learned to try to see things from ALL perspectives, not just mine, or the female character...

Think about it...what would you like for your "ultimate" Valentine's Day gift?

A card?
Dinner and a movie?
Dinner and a quiet evening at home?

There are many scenarios to chose from and we expect that our significant other will know EXACTLY the one we want...

And what if you don't have a "significant other"? What does that say about Valentine's Day???

Instead of lamenting our less than stellar celebrations or our lack of that someone special, I suggest getting lost in a book or perhaps a movie...(I think there's one coming out on February 12th that may put people in the mood for love).

Instead of all the pressure to make February 14th the day about love, I'd like to enjoy those moments when they come. A walk along the beach, hand in hand. Watching our children all together enjoying one another. Quiet times reading before bed. Watching TV or a movie and being content...Times spent laughing with friends until I cry.

Love isn't always about romance, love is the feeling you get that makes your body tingle knowing that you're accepted and valued. Whether that is with friends, a significant other, your children, your pets, or even by yourself with your favorite fictional characters...embrace it! own it!

And when you do...Valentine's Day can be EVERY is more than one day!

To all of you...happy perpetual love day!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

ATTENTION: Eaters, cooks, chefs, waiters, waitresses, restaurant managers, and owners!

A Note to anyone who owns, works, or frequents eating establishments:

First, let me clarify. Though I am an author (I have eight books to my credit, so I feel confident using that term) and a licensed dental hygienist (educated and licensed in the state of Indiana) I feel I am qualified to write this post.

After all, I eat everyday. 

By definition: eat (verb)
1. put (food) into mouth and chew and swallow it.
synonyms: consume, devour, ingest, partake of; gobble (up/down), wolf (down); swallow, chew, munch, chomp; informal guzzle, nosh, put away, chow down on, tuck into, demolish, dispose of, polish off, pig out on, scarf (down)

Rest assured, I'm not new at eating. I'm nearly 50 years old. I have been eating everyday of my life. To explain that further, 49 years and 6 months equals roughly 18,079.5 days. (Since I've already eaten today, we could probably round that up to 18,080 days!

By all standards I'm an expert.

As a said "expert" I feel it is my duty to inform you what is right and what is wrong with eating establishments. Rest assured that I'm confident that MY opinion is shared by most if not ALL people who "eat".

Therefore, I suggest you listen carefully.


As a patron I find it offensive when you ask me my name upon entering your establishment. That practice is a blatant and inconsiderate offense. By offering you my name aloud and then later having you call my name out to the masses, you are jeopardizing my right to not only anonymity, but you are also compromising my identity.

Any person in the vicinity can "hear" my name which puts me at risk for identity theft.

If this practice is utilized at your restaurant, know that I will remove your place of business from my list of acceptable establishments.


And when you hand that buzzer to me, do not request my name; instead, ask me a random identifying question.

Let me help: "Thank you, miss, for your patronage. To identify YOU with this buzzer, please tell me the name of your first pet."

You can see how much better that will work.

Then, if I don't answer to my buzzer, instead of announcing my name to the masses, you can simply call, "Tinkerbell" "Tinkerbell" "Will Tinkerbell party of five please approach the hostess desk?"

Just imagine how much safer your patrons will feel.


When your establishment dares to try new dishes and recipes, do not expect me or anyone else to actually pay to try these new dishes.

This concept is rather self explanatory. These dishes are NEW! They have not been proven and therefore do not warrant compensation. As a matter of fact, I am doing YOU a favor by "trying" this new dish.

Again I will help you: On the menu you should have an entire section dedicated to "new" items. And next to each one of the items the price should say "FREE."

Now, more than likely, if I like the new item, I will give you positive feedback. However, you can rest assured that if I DON'T like the item, I will let not only you but EVERYONE I know about it.

Even though it was free, I spent MY precious valuable time eating that new dish. That could have been thirty to sixty minutes of my life that I will never get back!


If your chef or cook has not "established" his or her self at your place of business, I should not be expected to pay full price for their meals.

The hours spent preparing those meals, the ingredients that went into the meals, and even the additional staff that is needed for things such as serving, cleaning, and the like, are insignificant.

Do NOT expect us "eaters" to pay for their "practice".


Let me explain to you HOW you should all do your job (remember, I am an expert)

1. Greet me upon arrival. (NOT by name!)

2. Seat me immediately (Yes, you may be a popular restaurant and I may not have a reservation, but I'm the customer. I'm always right)

3. Within the first 30 seconds of my arrival to my table I should be greeted by my server. (again, other customers be damned...this is about me)

4. Do not offer me the "specials" with out a free sample. That is just plain rude. You, nor anyone else, can accurately describe the taste of crepe suzette. I NEED to feel it pass my lips, taste it upon my tongue, and enjoy the sensation of swallowing before I could possibly be expected to make a decision.

5. Bring my requested beverage immediately. (And if I'm unfamiliar with one or two beverages on your menu, see #4)

6. Bring my meal promptly.

7. Check back on my "desired happiness" with said meal. After all, if I DNF I will tell the entire world.

8. See #7, don't do it too much--that's intrusive. Don't do it too little--that's inattentive.

9. Remove empty dishes promptly and refill glasses as needed.

10. Managers / Owners: This restaurant is your "baby" you should ALWAYS be available to the patrons. Do not think that your children, spouse, parents, or anything else is more important. After all, if I message you and you do not respond within a suitable amount of time (I'm not telling you that time's a secret. Good luck with that!) then I will NEVER go back to your restaurant. And again, I will tell the world what an ungrateful owner you are. YOU should remember that I was there the year you opened your doors and now YOU owe me!

11. Do sales! Do a lot of sales. I have other bills. I have other restaurants to frequent. Don't expect me to pay full price for what you have to offer, no matter how unique or good it is.


As I disappear for a time into my "writing cave" I want you to know that I will continue to eat. I will continue to go out to eat. That is why I felt the need to set the record straight.

I sincerely hope this post helps everyone...eaters included!

You're welcome!

Aleatha Romig ~ expert consumer of food

(The degree to which you are capable of understanding sarcasm will greatly influence your ability to read the true meaning behind this post.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015



As you may be able to imagine, organizing 38 authors, allowing them time to hear back from 38 winners, and organizing the entire hop has been time consuming. If you add to that a weekend away with limited internet, well, I can only apologize for not having this to you sooner. 

The entire point of this was to have fun and help to announce my release. I hope you all know about the fifth book in the CONSEQUENCES series, BEYOND THE CONSEQUENCES! And I hope that you had fun hopping from author to author! If that happened, this was a success!

First let me do a big shout out to ALL the authors on the hop! I'm so appreciative of all of your time and energy!

I'm going to take this opportunity to once again remind you about BEYOND THE CONSEQUENCES!

More Tony and Claire...more Phil...more fun and life "Beyond" the Consequences!

This is currently available from the following sites:



**All prizes come from Aleatha Romig. (The name of the author is the indicator of the page where each prize was won) Names highlighted in yellow have received prizes or exchanged emails with Aleatha. 

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Signed paperback copy of BEYOND THE CONSEQUENCES

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Thank you again!

Please read the list carefully. Some readers have been won on more than one page. One winner is not currently listed. I am still waiting on the winner's information from Michelle Valentine. I will add that information as soon as I receive it. 

Again, all prizes come from Aleatha Romig. Aleatha will be contacting you in the next 12 - 24 hour IF she has your email address. IF you don't hear from her by Wednesday, January 21 at 6 PM. PLEASE email her:

Thank you to the GREAT set of authors and readers that made this hop possible!! I hope you all remember to join Tony and Claire for BEYOND THE CONSEQUENCES!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015



BEYOND THE CONSEQUENCES is live on January 15!!!!

We're so excited about this new release that we're hopping from one author to the next...and YOU can win!!


Author Hop Schedule: Be sure you enter at EVERY stop!!!

1.       Aleatha Romig
2.       K. Langston
3.       Kathryn Perez
4.       Penny Reid
5.       A.L Jackson
6.       Britni Hill
7.       Jillian Jacobs
8.       Kahlen Aymes
9.       CD Reiss
10.    Pepper Winters
11.   Whitney G.
12.   Kate Roth
13.   Livia Jamerlan
14.   Gretchen de la O
15.   Tia Catalina
16.   Corinne Michaels
17.   B.A Wolfe
18.   Kristy Bromberg
19.   Tia Louise
20.   A.D. Justice
21.   Kelly Elliott
22.   SL Scott
23.   Kimberly Knight
24.   Jettie Woodruff
  1. Geneva Lee
  1. E.K Blair
  1. RE Hunter
  1. Elisabeth Grace
  1. Donya Lynne
  1. Rebecca Shea
  1. Viv Daniels
  1. Mia Sheridan
  1. Michelle Valentine
  1. CJ Roberts
  1. Laurelin Paige
  1. Rebecca Donvan
  1. Katie Ashley
  1. S.K. Hartley


The 38 winners, one from each author's page, will randomly be assigned one prize from this "secret" list...

Consequences SWAG PACK! 

AMAZON gift cards....


Claire's Earrings:


Claire's Necklace


Starting January 15 at 8:00 AM (EST) begin the hop! Go from author to author, liking pages, liking posts, sharing and commenting! Increase your chances by entering at EACH hop!!


To celebrate the release of book #5 of the Consequences series BEYOND THE CONSEQUENCES!


Beyond the Consequences

Book #5 of the bestselling Consequences series
From New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes more of the suspenseful romantic thriller about secrets and deception, passion and love, choices and consequences.

Secrets and deception

As the pieces of their puzzle come together, Anthony and Claire Rawlings continue to defy the odds. Together they overcame an incomprehensible beginning. Apart they endured unimaginable heartache. Reunited with family and friends, their journey continues as they navigate a dangerous world where secrets threaten to destroy what they hold the most dear.

Passion and love

Tony and Claire turn up the heat as sparks fly, passion rages, and love prevails.  With only a dark glance or devilish grin, the fire that sparked in an isolated suite, continues to burn. Though no longer willing to be less than Tony’s equal in life, behind closed doors only one man makes the rules.

Choices and consequences

The safety of the Rawlings family is not debatable, and only Phillip Roach can assure that they are not disappointed. Learn how he leads old friends and new associates through the dangerous world of delusion and revenge. The choices he makes for both the family and his personal life will have consequences.

Beyond the Consequences is a novel that began as the novella, A Peek Beyond the Consequences, in a limited-release anthology, Breathless. Since its publication in 2014, Beyond the Consequences has more than quadrupled in length with more action, heat, and secrets to reveal. Learn once and for all the identity and fate of the sender of the Rawls-Nichols letters as you join the Rawlings for a special surprise!

Theirs was a long, complicated story with a monster and a knight. What made their story unique was that these two players were the same person.—Aleatha Romig, CONVICTED